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Just the child and his wife Mary when shopping, hit a mall engage in promotional activities, including buy one get fifa ultimate team coins. Mary and her son had just picked up a person, the result came home a try, just the child's set of just the right size, somewhat behind on the set of her mast. Mary ruefully throwing clothes on the bed for just the child, said: "Well, anyway, I was wearing inappropriate, simply give your mother dressed up."

Yes ah, the mother lived in the country, the clothes are clothes worn sister, now the weather would turn cold, this cheapest fifa 15 coins mother sent'd best of both worlds.

A week later, the child just received a phone call from his mother: "Son, your mother to buy things really nice, a lot of a certain value fifa ultimate team coins it!"

Just wanted to show the child the opportunity to look at: "Mom, if you like, how many fifa ultimate team coins are worth it to spend a set of thermal underwear, winter wear this city people are Hing, we profile the country, put it on, you wear a top three! pieces of cotton-padded jacket, which is also something the mind of Mary. "

Things just passed, just the child did not mind, one day cold weather up. One night, just made a small child suddenly received a phone call came over the phone but it is the father's voice. All night 11 points, just the child's Xinxuan up. My father said: "My son, the family lacks something, your mother in clinic playing bottle it has spent a lot of fifa ultimate team coins up!!"

"My mother yo?"

"Well, do not blame her myself this morning that you put on your mother bought for her cheapest fifa 15 coins, outside on the suite of thin gown, showing off people after their predecessors. I let her wear more, she did not listen, and said that you say that wearing thermal underwear can top three jacket, cold day, wearing so thin, do not get sick strange! By the way, your mother quite deliberately let me tell you, if you bought that what fifa ultimate team coins outside, be sure to wear thick point, you play small body bone is weak, can not help but chill ...... "

Heard here, just the child intuition eye soreness, not a thought, just a tease own words, the mother could be so believed, however, the well-being of himself, his mother would not know where. She is doing nothing more than let people know that the village of a filial son, she would rather hold on to enjoy a frozen mother's glory and joy, and it does not matter how much cheapest fifa 15 coins.

Phone, his father's voice was hoarse whistling wind blowing off, at this moment, in the heating room full of just the child burst into tears on the fifa ultimate team coins spent no little regret.

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